About us

Openfactory is an expert in Infrastructure and Service provision. Our staff has been operating our infrastructure for more then 10 years. We excell in certain specific offerings, however we will not hesitate a moment to offer you what your needs fit best, we are able to do this as a result of our network of 'best of breed' experts in Switzerland extending around the world. Every problem is unique. We look forward to new challenges, which require flexible and creative solutions, we routinely solve a tremendous variety of problems. Just as in a business environment where many tasks are quite complex, we come up with fast and matching solutions.

Openfactory does not offer standard products and has specialized in individualized services tailored to the customers needs. We have branched out our off-the-shelf product line into a spin-off under the name of Connectionpoint

Founded in 2009 the Openfactory GmbH emerged from the long-standing existing IT service operation delivered by Silvan Gebhardt. Openfactory has grown over time with the addition of several specialists and the team offers their clients a dynamic and growing range of services. Through continuous growth we are able to continuously increase our range of products and services whilst increasing our geographic reach. Openfactory can assist you from concept to implementation anywhere in the world. At Openfactory we believe that it is important to invest in the future of soon to be IT professionals, we do this by sharing our knowledge through training and teaching at various institutions in Switzerland on specialised topics such as virtualization and data encryption security.

Starting 2011 and completed in 2015, Openfactory has reached out to south eastern europe and has can now offer IT Services all throughout Serbia via a local sister-company. Our network and Backbone reaches Belgrade.

Openfactory Switzerland operates an international Backbone under the AS Number 58299 and can offer ipv6 and ipv4 based Services in several locations in Europe. We are able to provide Bandwidth exceeding 10GBits in most places. We are open to peering requests.